Robo & Kala Brand Interpretation
Robo & Kala Brand Interpretation
Robo & Kala Brand Interpretation
Robo stands for intelligent devices and technology, Kala stands for people,
Robo & Kala represents human and machine integration in the Internet of Everything Era.

Robo & Kala,
By breaking through tradition and continuously innovating, we apply the most cutting-edge technology, providing those who are avant-garde, trendy and dare to challenge with newer and cooler intelligent computing devices that will lead the mainstream.
Robo & Kala Brand Interpretation
The Company Behind Robo & Kala 

Robo & Kala is a consumer electronics brand founded by Shenzhen Ntmer Technology Co., LTD.


Shenzhen Ntmer Technology Co., Ltd. was established on December 18, 2020. As a high-tech start-up born in the 5g era and focusing on the 5g intelligent computing track, Ntmer gives full play to the cloud-integrated computing power and AI computing power based on the ARM architecture high-energy processor +5g communication technology around the three technical fulcrum of ARM processor computer system, digital image compression and transmission algorithm and 5g mobile communication application, design, develop and export new generation intelligent computing products and solutions. 


Based on the advantages of the revolutionary ARM architecture processor intelligent computing system, Ntmer is committed to promoting and leading the popularization of ARM architecture intelligent computing devices in China and the world. 


In Autumn 2022, Ntmer launched a new generation of intelligent computing devices  the Robo & Kala 2-in-1 laptop. Ntmer has established close cooperation with Qualcomm, Microsoft, and the world's first-class supply chain leaders. 


As a new brand in the industry, the ultrathin-light, long standby, and high-performance Robo & Kala 2-in-1 laptop launched by Ntmer will become a newer and cooler consumer electronics brand loved by the next generation of leaders. 


In the future, Ntmer will also expand the research, development, and manufacturing of technologies and products in the consumer electronics field of cloud services + Intelligent Computing terminals.