Smart Pen
Smart Pen
Smart Pen
Smart Pen
Robo&kala Smart Pen: Snow-White.
The six-edged curved groove pencil design and matte finish make for a smooth, more comfortable hold.
Applicable to Robo&kala 2-in-1 laptop
The Robo&kala Smart Pen ensures accurate handwriting even with the most delicate of strokes. Our 4096-level pressure sensing stylus accurately perceives the change of pressure, adapting to your style, and the low latency ensures a precise and smooth writing experience.
One stroke in hand, continuous creation
Press and hold down the down key to call the eraser, release it to return to the brush, and then scrub freely. 
Press the up button gently to call the right mouse button easily and master more states in one stroke.
One stroke in hand, continuous creation
Magnetic attaching and charging
Magnetic attaching and charging
1 minute of charging provides 2 hours of use.

Dedicated, durable touchscreen for prolonged efficiency.


Product Name Smart Pen
Product Model TP20
Color White
Dimensions 160mm x 9.2mm x 8.5mm
Weight 14g
Pressure Sensitivity 4096-Level
Battery Lithium
Charging Mode Wireless charge through magnetic connection
Work Protocol MPP2.0
Input 5V/90mA
Dual Buttons

Erase Button
Right-Click Button
Package Contents
Smart Pen
Pen Tip
Quick Start & Service Guide